Friday, August 24, 2007

You see my picture there -->.

I was happy (which usually i am) when it was clicked in Doha. Well, I just need an excuse to get very happy and excited and that's what i do when i get the reason (and even without it too) - Shout, Laugh,Jump and Enjoy-like everyone else.

This blog is all about numerous moments in my life till now, which I have enjoyed. Though some of them were very troublesome (& tearsome at times too), but talking about them has always been fun because of the stupidities and situations involved.

From the time I can recall, life has been fun. From learning bicycle riding to driving a car, from visiting the police station so many times to getting thrown out of a girls school's annual function (thanks to Ankur, My friend) and till the most recent glass breaking ATM accident, i will try to recreate the seriously funny incidences by one.